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A FFM Threesome As Ellen Learns How To Talk Dirty

by Anonymous

About a year ago I met a guy who opened up a whole new world of sexuality for me.  How?, you ask?  Simple.  He was able to let go and open up to me, and release his sexual fantasies.  I found this to be a great turn on.  Here's this big macho guy telling me one night that he wants me to shove his face into my pussy and force him to suck me, then the next night, he tells me about tying me up and coming all over me and leaving me on the bed until he's ready again!  Wow!  The force and intensity of his fantasies made me wet, and some we even played out (like me "forcing" him to suck my pussy ) .

We split up, and the next guy I dated thought it was kinky and tried it just to turn me on.  He didn't have quite the knack, and after a while, we both parted.  The next guy was pretty good, and we shared some good fantasies.  Then I met Dave.  Dave isn't the perfect "hunk", but he does things to me sexually that no one else has come close to doing.  I can tell he won't let me do anything that will get either of us into trouble, and he is very sweet and caring.  It shows in the way he does little things for me, and his tenderness, but after reading this I'm sure some of you will wonder if I have both oars in the water.  It may seem that we're nasty to each other, but this is not the case at all.

Actually, my first "date" with Dave was with some friends, and right from the first, I liked him.  Dave's about 5'8" tall, and at about 185, just a bit overweight but nothing terrible.  He has brown hair and eyes, broad shoulders, strong but sensitive hands, and a way of looking at me that lets me know he has a fiery passion buried beneath his calm exterior.  That last was what had me really curious.  That, and a promising outline in his crotch.  We found that we were physically right for each other, since I'm only 5'1", and I have brown hair and light blue eyes (he calls them "startling" blue eyes).  I'm petite, and sensitive about my breasts, which at 32b aren't the biggest "bazoongas" in the world.  I have a nice 32b-19-33 figure (i'm really tiny ), which if I dress right, looks as good on me as 36-24-36 does on some other women.  At least that is what Dave says, but he is a bit biased.

That first date turned into a second, then a third.  Our fourth date was a long drive to an amusement park, and when we got back home, I was so bushed that Dave helped me into my apartment and he undressed me.  I was quite tired, but still aroused and looked forward to letting him have his way (willingly too I might add ), but he simply slid me into bed, turned up the electric blanket, kissed me goodnight, and left!  A gentleman through and through.  The next two days had me wondering if he liked me, or was "writing me off".  When I got home from work on Tuesday, he called me and asked if he could see me again.  I said yes and on Thursday we had dinner and talked quite a bit.  He offered to take me to a movie on Saturday, and I countered with the idea of renting a few tapes and watching them at my place.  Saturday would be fun I thought.

Saturday came and Dave arrived about one in the afternoon.  He had a big bag full of tapes, saying he didn't know what I liked.  He also brought along some munchies and we laughed together.  While I made popcorn, he sorted through the movies.  When I brought out the popcorn, he'd arranged the movies by types.  There were things like Star wars, ice pirates, and Star trek v as the science fiction tapes, thrillers like three days of the condor, and witness, comedy, drama, and specials like Robin williams.  He asked me to pick one and I told him to pick one instead.  I couldn't tell what he liked by the wide variety.  He then started with a comedy called airplane (I'd never seen it ) and we laughed a lot.  Then we watched one that I thought would be a western, called outland, and was I surprised!  Sean connery in outer space!  God, that man is really sexy!  We both enjoyed that, then Dave suggested that I pick one more while he cooked some dinner.  Dave was cooking chicken on my small barbecue on the balcony and I popped in the movie witness.

We ate dinner and watched the movie unfold.  Harrison ford is sexy too, but in a different way than sean connery.  Dave offered to clean the dishes if I'd pick the last tape of the night.  He was in the kitchen and I looked over the tapes.  I just happened to look at the bag, and saw about four tapes inside it.  I started to pull them out, and Dave said that they were tapes he was sure I wouldn't like.  The titles gave them away.  "aerobisex girls", "lust in paradise", "inside vanessa" and "cream girls".  Dave explained that he picked up some, just in case I made a suggestion like "what?  No dirty movies?  ", but he was also honest, saying that he sometimes enjoyed them.  I popped one in and we sat down, his arm around me and I cuddled up close.  The movie I picked was "aerobisex girls" and it was an all girl x-rated movie.  These girls were hot!  Really hot!  They licked and sucked each other, fucked each other with dildos, and everything under the sun!  I didn't say much, but each time I glanced down at dave's pants, I could see he was enjoying it.  I didn't tell him that I was getting soaked just watching the movie either.

Once it was over, I told him to put in another one, one with some guys in it.  He laughed and put in "cream girls".  This movie was even hotter! (I think it was because of the cocks).  This movie was really five mini- stories.  In the first one, this small girl takes on a guy with a huge cock, and she was really hot.  There was some real chemistry between them and she fucked him and sucked him "gleefully"...  That's the only way to describe it.  He ended up coming all over her face until she was soaked with his cum.  She smiled into the camera and licked her lips at the end.  Now, I had a problem.  If I moved at all, Dave would see that my jeans were wet from my pussy all the way up the crease of my ass!  The last scene in the tape really got to me.  Here was a guy, fucking two girls and talking really dirty.  One of the girls was talking dirty back (a wanton looking brunette with a new york accent).  When the movie ended, dave's cock was practically trying to rip out of his pants.  I could see the head outlined by his jeans, and I leaned down and kissed it through his pants.  "you really got turned on by that dirty talking girl didn't you?  " I asked him.  Dave nodded, and said that most girls didn't know how much it turned a guy on.  "so did you.  " he said to me.  I had to say yes, and I told him that it was exciting to hear a guy (or girl ) cut loose completely and let out their hot fantasies.

Then he did something I didn't expect him to do.  He looked into my eyes and said "i want to fuck you hard, deep and fast.  " I practically wet my pants!  "yes!  I want you to fuck me.  Fuck me hard.  " we kissed passionately.  Our hands roamed each other's bodies, going right to sexual places.  Dave pinched my nipples and I moaned.  I grabbed his cock through his jeans and squeezed it, making him moan too.  We almost ripped each other's clothes off and he picked me up and took me into my bedroom.  It was just getting dark, and he put me down on the bed and started kissing my thighs and my pussy.  I was soaking wet and I knew he was licking my juices from my legs and ass before getting to my pussy.  Dave looked up from between my legs and said "i love the taste of your sopping wet cunt.  " that just made me even hotter, and his tongue was circling my clit, making me crazy.  He raised his fingers to my mouth and I sucked on them, all the while he was saying things like "get them nice and wet.  Suck them like you're sucking my cock.  Get them really wet so I can shove them up your cunt.  " he did too.  Dave shoved two fingers inside me and I came, screaming and tossing on the bed.  When I stopped, Dave began kissing my body all over, and running his hands over my skin.

Normally, I like to relax for a while after I come, but Dave was keeping me sensitive and hot with his hands and tongue.  He sucked my nipples, and that always gets me going because they're so very sensitive.  I pushed him back onto the bed, saying "it's my turn now.  " Dave lay back on the pillows, and I went right to his hard cock.  His cock is beautiful, and about seven inches.  It's not too thick, and not too thin, but pleasingly big enough for me.  One thing I can do well is give head, and I'm not too proud to enjoy it.  Dave gasped and arched his back when I sucked his marvelous cock all the way down to the bottom.  I was laying between his legs and jacking him up and down.  I looked him in the eyes.  "you wanna cum on my face?  Cum all over my lips like a porn slut?  " dave's hips rose and I sucked his cock.  I kept my hand moving up and down, sucking then saying something very dirty, like "i want you to fill my mouth with your hot, thick sperm.  I want to swallow it and taste it!  " Dave moaned and started to swell in my hand.  I sucked his cock into my mouth just in time to get his thick cum.  I love it when he cums, because he always cums so much!  His thick cum flooded into my mouth and I had to swallow fast to keep it from leaking out.  Then I thought, "why not?  " and let some of it spurt on my face.  I looked up at him like one of the girls in the movie and smiled, licking his sperm from my lips.  "am I slutty enough for you stud?  " I asked him.  Dave grabbed me and pulled me onto his cock.

He was only semi-hard but he got inside my tight pussy and began fucking me hard and fast.  I love it when a guy does it like this.  That means i've really got him hot and wild!  He fucked me and I came twice before Dave slammed against my ass and shot a huge load of his jism inside me.  We lay there, panting in each other's arms for a long time.  He wiped his sperm from my face and kissed me, telling me how wonderful I was.  In the few months we've know each other, we do this a lot.  Sometimes he will surprise me by starting a fantasy someplace away from our apartments.  Like in a supermarket, or a fancy department store.  He'll whisper in my ear and describe something he would like to do, like fuck my ass in a dressing room, or finger fuck me in the vegetable aisle.  I usually try to rape him when we get home after one of those days!

Just recently though, an old high-school friend dropped by (I'm 24), and we caught up on each other's lives.  I told her about Dave (not everything!  ).  And that he was terrific in bed.  Ellen is a pretty blonde, about 5'5" and she has the tits i've always dreamed of (35c's with big nipples ) .  Dave took us both to dinner, and ellen went home afterwards.  There wasn't any sex that night since we had to work the next day.  Friday night, ellen came by my place all excited, and I told her that Dave and I had plans for the evening.  She told me this wouldn't take long and pulled out a video tape.  Her boyfriend had rented a tape called "pleasure palace iii" and shoved it in the machine.  "you gotta see this!  " she said.  Ellen had the scene she wanted me to see all ready for play.  We sat on the sofa and watched.  The scene showed a guy with two girls, and one girl was on her back with the guy fucking her mouth.  "this is so hot!  " ellen said.  "listen to this.  " she turned up the volume and the camera showed the second girl sucking the first one's pussy.  She sat up and came around to start jacking the guy off into the first girl's mouth.  But it was what she was saying that ellen thought was so hot, and I found myself getting very hot too.  "cum in her mouth.  " the girl said.  "cum in her hot wet mouth.  " I just barely glanced at ellen, and I could see her nipples pressing against her blouse.  "oooo yeah!  You want to drink his cum don't you?  You hot slut!  You hot sperm drinking slut!  Suck him off!  Suck his hard cock and make him cum in your mouth!"

The girl kept this up until the guy came, and he shot his white cum all over their faces.  Afterwards, the girls kissed and licked it off of each other.  Ellen stopped the tape and turned towards me.  Her face and neck were covered with a pink blush.  "isn't that sooo hot and nasty?  " she said.  "god that turned me on so much last night, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  " I told her that it was really hot, and then asked her, "ellen, do you get turned on when a guy talks dirty like that?  " ellen blushed a darker pink.  "yes.  I get crazy if he does....  Do you?  " I nodded.  "dave likes it when I talk dirty to him too.  " I said.  Ellen's eyes were wide.  "really?  " she paused.  "i can't ever seem to find the really hot words and put them together coherently.  " "takes practice.  " I told her ellen wanted me to promise to teach her to talk dirty.

I was thinking about it when the doorbell rang.  It was Dave, and he saw ellen and said hello to her, giving her a pleasant kiss.  Dave and I had planned to see a new movie that night.  But Dave saw the plastic box for the video tape and picked it up.  He eyed me and then looked at ellen, who blushed a deep red.  "this is a really hot tape.  " he said.  "did you girls watch it?  " "only a short scene.  " I said.  Ellen looked like she would burst from her embarrassment.  Dave noted her blushing.  "oh, don't worry about it ellen.  " he said to her in a friendly voice.  "we are adults you know.  " Dave picked up the remote control and rewound the tape a few seconds and then hit play.  The scene came back on with the girl's voice loudly ordering the girl to suck the guy off.

Just as he started to cum, Dave hit the pause button and looked at ellen.  Her eyes were glued to the screen for a few seconds.  "do you like hot talk in bed ellen?  " he asked her.  Ellen blushed and only nodded slightly.  Dave looked at me and smiled, giving me a wink.  It took me a second and then I smiled back when I realized what he was about to do.  "what kind of hot talk ellen?  " he asked her.  "what do you like to hear when your boyfriend is fucking your slippery wet pussy with his big hard cock?  " ellen started at Dave, and then she gasped a bit.  "stop.  " she said in a small voice.  "i-i'm getting...  I mean...  I get...  " she stammered.  Dave finished her sentence.  "you get wet?  All hot and horny?  " ellen nodded.  "your nipples are sooo hard right now too.  " Dave said, looking at her tits.  "i bet you love to have a guy cum on your sensitive nipples too.  " "oh yes!  " ellen said, then she looked at me.  "would you like me to jack him off on your tits?  " I asked her.

Ellen just about tore her blouse open.  "yes.  Cum on my tits, please!  " Dave stared at her beautiful tits, her nipples were plainly visible through her sheer bra.  I walked over and unhooked it from behind and she tossed it onto the coffee table.  "stand up Dave, and take out that thick cock of yours.  " I told him.  He stood up and ellen unfastened and unzipped his pants.  Dave's cock sprang free as he shorts slid down to the floor.  Ellen greedily sucked his cock and I felt a little bit left out, and my pussy was beginning to soak my panties.  I started to rub my titties through my blouse.  "get naked slut, you're going to jack me off on her tits.  " Dave said.  My clothes flew off quickly, and then I started pulling ellen's pants off.  She moved to the floor and I finally got them off of her.

Ellen was in heaven, sucking dave's cock.  "suck that hard cock.  " Dave said.  "you want your tits covered in sperm don't you?  " ellen moaned.  "yesssss, your suck a good, naked cocksucker.  " I moved around and grabbed dave's cock, and started to pump it into her mouth as she sucked.  "you want his cum in your mouth or all over your big beautiful slut tits?  " I asked her.  Ellen was holding just the head of his cock in her mouth.  "ooooh, yeah!  I'll make him shoot his cum all over your face, then jack some more onto your tits and rub it all over you!  " ellen gasped and cupped her tits, pinching and rolling her tits between her fingers.  I was so hot that I didn't think about it, and I reached out and pulled on one of her nipples.  I pulled hard enough to stretch her breast out of shape.

Ellen moaned and started rubbing her face against dave's cock.  "yeah!  Oooo!  You want him to cum don't you?  Thick hot sperm all over your face, soaking your tits!  " I said.  "you want me to rub it all over your big slut tits?  " ellen reached down and started fingering herself, and I put my hand on hers, then stuck my finger inside her sopped cunt.  She felt so wet and hot that my own pussy juices were flowing down my thighs.  "rub that slut's cunt mary.  Rub her slut juices all over her cunt.  " Dave was telling me.  I suddenly realized that I was fingering a girl's cunt and it hit me how "nasty" that was.  It hit ellen too, and she began to come all over my hand.  We were both excited beyond stopping now.  Ellen was moaning, and she finally half-yelled to Dave, "shoot your cum on me!  Cum all over me!"

Dave's cock jumped in my hand and a thick stream of his sperm spattered against ellen's face.  Dave grabbed my hand and his cock and he crouched and shot the rest of his thick cum on her tits.  Ellen was cupping her tits tight together, and a small pool of his cum formed in her cleavage.  "lick that cum off her tits you hot slut.  " Dave told me.  I leaned over and licked it, only to feel Dave push my face between her cum soaked breasts.  I started licking, and I felt her hard nipple at my lips.  I sucked it and ellen started coming again.  "suck her cum drenched tits.  " I heard Dave say, and I sucked her other nipple, squeezing both her tits as I did.  Ellen kept coming in waves, and my cunt was flowing like water.  Dave moved behind me and started to fuck me, and I started coming right away.  Dave kept up his nasty talking, trying to get me off now too.  "suck those sperm covered tits.  Yeah.  Lick the cum off your girlfriend's big hot tits.  " he said.  Ellen was shoving her tits into my mouth, first one, then the other one.  They were so soft and warm, and the taste of dave's cum make them so good.

Dave was pounding my cunt and that was shoving my face into her tits.  Ellen suddenly stood up and sat on the sofa, spreading her legs wide open.  "suck my pussy bitch.  " she said.  I came seconds later from her hot talk.  "suck my clit nice and hard!  Suck my clit 'til I come all over your face!  " the next thing I knew, my tongue was in her pussy, and I was tasting her sweet creamy juices.  It was like a thick nectar and I was lapping her cunt and sucking her clit without thinking about it.  Dave's cock was still ramming me from behind and all I wanted was him to fill me with his sperm.  "fuck your hot little bitch hard!  Pound her cunt!  " ellen was ordering Dave.  I looked up, and ellen had her legs high, her tits laying almost on her stomach, and her cunt shoved against my face.  "suck her twat.  Stick your tongue in her wet twat and make her cum!  " I heard Dave saying and I did everything he said.  And more.  Ellen was moaning, and Dave pulled out and stepped alongside me.  I heard his voice, dripping with lust.  "i'm gonna cum on her cunt for you.  " he panted.  "lick my hot cum off her sopping wet cunt.  " dave's sperm flew out and splashed against my face and on ellen's cunt.

Ellen held her lips open and Dave shot a thick glob of sperm right on her clit.  I started licking and sucking her pussy while Dave was still spurting on us.  "yessss.  " he said.  "suck that cum-covered cunt you hot slut.  " ellen thrust up against my face and she started coming all over again.  I looked up and saw her sucking dave's cock, fresh out of my wet pussy.  Once she sucked him, ellen pulled me up and kissed me, tasting his salty jism on my lips.  I sat on the sofa while ellen started sucking my pussy, and Dave stood, stroking his cock to hardness again.  "suck that bi-slut's cunt ellen.  " Dave said.  Calling me a bi-slut was so nasty that I started to come.  "make me cum all over your face.  C'mon you hot bi-slut, soak ellen's face with your cunt juice.  " ellen ate me until I pulled away and curled up, weak, tired, and sore.  We'd gone at it for over two hours, and we were all sweaty and covered with each other's juices.

Dave had sucked ellen's cunt and fucked her while she sucked me.  We all talked and said how hot this was, and both ellen and I confessed that we enjoyed eating each other's pussies.  After a while ellen left and Dave and I decided to go to bed.  Dave started his dirty talking, and I told him my pussy needed rest.  He rolled me over and started rubbing my back and telling me I was such a sexy, lusty, slut and that he loved watching me suck his cum off ellen's clit.  Pretty soon I was very wet and I could feel him working the head of his cock against my cunt.  I arched up and let him go deep inside me, but I was sore and asked him if he would cum on my ass instead.  "no.  But i'll fuck my hot bi-slut's ass, and fill her hot butt with cum!"

Before I could say "oh yes!  " dave's cock was sliding up my asshole and filling me.  Dave slowly pumped his cock up my ass, all the while telling me how slutty I was tonight, and how hard he got watching me suck my "sperm covered girlfriend".  "i'll bet you'd love to have her watch you get butt-fucked and see me fill your hot ass full of cum.  " Dave said.  "she'll see you naked, with a thick cock up your asshole, getting butt-fucked, and begging for me to cum deep and hard up your ass.  " "yesss!  Oh fuck my ass Dave!  " I was just about to cum.  "fuck my hot ass!  Shoot your thick jism in my ass.  Butt-fuck me and fill my asshole full of cum!  " "here it...  Cummmmsss my fuck-slut!!  " Dave moaned loudly.  Dave poured his thick jism up my asshole, and I could feel the heat of it flooding my butt.  "yes!  " I yelled back.  "cum in your fuck-slut's hot asshole!"

Dave pulsed and throbbed over and over.  Each time I begged for more.  "i'm your fuck-slut.  " squirt.  "cum in your slut's ass.  " gush.  "fuck-slut!  Squirt it up my ass!  " pulse.  We both fell in a heap on the bed, panting and sweating.  Now, Dave was tenderly kissing my neck, ears, shoulders and back.  His cock was going soft, and I could feel his heartbeat through his cock.  I wanted him to leave his cock in my ass all night if he could, but he was shrinking after firing his huge load.  I rolled over and we embraced, kissing each other tenderly.  Dave's hands caressed me gently, and we looked into each other's eyes.  "i love you.  " he said, and I kissed him.  This kiss was a long, loving kiss that meant more to me than mere words.  When we parted our kiss, I looked him in the eyes and said "i love you too.  " and we went to sleep in each other's arms, happy.
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